overflowing gratitude

Les Guardiens by Sophie Wilkins

What a week it's been so far.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook how she's never quite sure what to do during the space between Christmas and New Years. The kids are off school, you may be working less or not at all, or perhaps you're in between semesters yourself. 

I can relate- it's a weird and wonderful time. Jim and I were blessed with a long Christmas weekend of doing... pretty much whatever we wanted. We searched for flooring and paint samples for the nursery. Visited Millennium Park in Seminole and walked the boardwalk and climbed the observation tower. Attended our last childbirth education class at our birthing center (check out Jessica at The Birth Center of St Petersburg if you are interested in having incredible midwifery care and a natural childbirth!!)

By the end of the weekend I looked at him and said, "I can't remember the last time we spent this much time together!" I hadn't fully realized it until now, but I've missed my fiancé! We both own our own businesses, which means (for now anyway) really busy schedules. I typically leave early in the morning to teach, get home after he's left for work, and leave to teach in the evening before he's home for the day. We're both usually working on the weekends, too, with maybe a Sunday afternoon to spend together. 

So I've been so grateful for the extra rest and time with my honey that Christmas brought us. I've been enjoying so many simple but wonderful blessings this week, actually, that I just had to share--

The Love List 

-a huge THANK YOU to the family who blessed us with a box OVERFLOWING with gently used infant boy clothing, all in amazing condition. Between all our shower gifts and this amazing, unexpected bounty we really won't need to buy any clothes for our baby boy until he's at least a year

-I've spent the last couple days with my dad knocking out a bunch of annoying stuff that I've been procrastinating. He kept me company when I got my oil changed, and when we got home he decided they hadn't vacuumed my Subaru to his liking so he got out his shop vac and cleaned all the floors himself. He also rotated my tires, cleaned the windows and topped off the refrigerant. Yesterday he came over to our house and installed a new ceiling light, fixed our bedroom fan and dropped off some supplies we needed for renovating our front room. So I guess I should say that HE knocked out a bunch of annoying stuff that I've been procrastinating. Thanks Dad!!

-new private students. I've been teaching two pregnant mamas the last few weeks at their homes. Both are dog owners/lovers like me, and it's been so much fun breathing and doing yoga and having a doggie assistant to keep me company. Someday when we open our own studio, you better believe that I'll have Addy Mae with me all. the. time. I apologize in advance to anyone with allergies. I'll make my all-natural allergy remedy for you and have it at the desk. And really, if you don't like dogs/pit bulls.... then you probably need some yoga and doggie kiss therapy to make it all better :)

-waves of support and blessings from family and friends. We are registered at Simple Registry, which is a lot of fun because no one has to go to a store and we were able to put things from different places on there. Also, I get an email any time a gift is "fulfilled" and I cannot express how supported and loved we feel every time that little notification pops up. I know the whole point of registries and showers is to be "showered" with gifts but I'm not used to all of this!! Thank you so much to everyone who has given something to us and our baby... I'm truly beyond grateful. Also, thank you so much for the offers of food, massages, babysitting.... you guys are the best. Lots of love <3

-more movement from baby, every day. He is truly an active little guy!! Just over 5 weeks until he arrives.... ahh!! 

-we finally, finally found a home for our foster dog Max. I almost don't want to jinx it, as I had announced he had a home before and it ended up not working out for a variety of reasons. But he has been with his new owner for almost 2 weeks now and so far, so good. We appreciate any prayers that they continue to bond and form a wonderful best buddy relationship that will last Max's whole long healthy life!!

-my honey. At one of our birthing classes we watched a video of a natural homebirth in which the mama said that as long as she looked at her husband during contractions, she felt like there was LOVE coming out of her womb, instead of pain. I look at him knocking out walls or gardening or helping me stand up endless times, and I feel that LOVE already, even though I'm not in labor yet. There's the love that was already there, of course, but there is something about having a baby together that amps it up even more. This morning we were both up early and I came outside with him to drink my coffee as he was watering the plants. I realized that once baby is here and I'm not teaching my insane schedule of classes, this is how it will be- getting to spend time together in the morning as a family before he goes off to work. I was filled with such gratitude at this very simple realization and am thankful for the lives we've built for ourselves. 

So, a very Happy New Year to all of YOU!! This year I am so looking forward to being a mama, planning a wedding, blogging more, teaching yoga online and focusing more on my essential oil business. I also plan on attuning more people to the tradition of Usui Reiki Healing and offering regular energy healing trainings. 

I've also got a "word" for 2016....are you ready?? It's.... BE. Just be. That's it. There will be plenty of doing, but I want all of that doing to come from a place of BEING. Coming through me, as me. 

I would love to hear what your plans are for 2016!! Share below!

xoxox and Namaste, 



sunny Sunday morning

As I type this, I am sitting on our back porch facing East, the morning sun illuminating the plants and pergola with low rays of golden tinged light. 

I am reminded to Breathe, deeply, because inspiration and health always come with the breath. 

On Thursday I taught Ujayi breath to a young mama-to-be and I was reminded that this is why I teach yoga: if anything else, this woman now has a tool, the ability to breathe a purposeful breath with intention and knowledge of how to fill and empty the lungs fully and deeply. 

We inhaled from bottom to top, and released from top to bottom. A few times, to really seal it in. And then continued on with our lesson.

And as I sit here and practice the breath myself, me with my computer facing East, I start to notice the little things. The subtle things. Bugs flitting around the branches of our young pomegranate tree. Spiderwebs caught up in its twigs and leaves. A female lizard here to say hello.

No matter what our religious and spiritual beliefs, I think we can all agree that without regular exposure to Nature, we wither. We risk becoming disconnected. People of Science and People of God can agree that we are made- regardless of by Whom or if there is a Whom. We can agree that we are made of the same Stuff our planet is made of. 

And we can agree that without Breath, we die before very long. 

So at the very least, we can agree that for ultimate functioning and well being, we need to connect regularly with nature, and breathe as efficiently as possible.  

As I sit here at my computer facing East, "doing nothing," I can rest assured that I am still "doing something" of value. By appreciating Mother Earth and being with my Breath. 

(Not that I need to always be doing something. But it's in my programming to believe that I should. I've decided that my word/intention for 2016 is simply BE.) 

As I type this, a breeze picks up in confirmation. Wind-chimes collide more quickly. I always take these moments as "YES" answers from Spirit. An upsurge of energy, to me and from me. A lifting of ideas up into the Universe. 

Do you ever feel antsy? bored? depressed? not worthy? This is your higher Self talking to you. Our higher Selves are always trying to tell our lower Selves something, but our lower Selves aren't always apt to listen. 

Align with your Higher Self by breathing deeply a few times, ideally in nature but even looking out a window or gazing at a small plant can work. You might need to imagine a scene in nature- that's OK. Listen. You always have an Intelligent You interested in your well-being, and it typically has a lot to say, if we can still our monkey mind just for a moment. 

Pay attention to nuggets of Truth in whatever "nonsense" comes to mind. Of course it's non-sensical that a Higher Self could exist and want to communicate with a Lower Self. Just go with it. Considering believing in something you can't understand or see or hear. 

Sometimes Lower Self ideas speak so loudly that it's easy to get distracted while you're trying to listen to your Higher Self. This is why meditation is hard for pretty much everyone. Currently, my Lower Self is trying to convince me that the second half of this blog post has veered into an entirely wayward direction and should be it's own blog post, which I should save and come back to, which means I probably won't come back to either blog post and actually publish them.  

My Higher Self reminds me that all is well, and all I have to do is continue to sit facing East watching the sunrays and allow myself to be a Channel for whatever comes through my fingertips. 

My Higher Self reminds me how amazing it is that I have the education and technology to think of words, and with precise and dextrous finger motions, make those words appear on a screen of a device that can at any moment blast those same words to every human on this planet with access to the Internet. 

My Higher Self reminds me that there are women in other countries who were born March 7th 1989 just like I was, living entirely different lives than me. We may have similar star charts and even personalities, but the details of our daily lives are vastly different. My mind wanders to imagine a young mother in Uganda who is currently involved in preparing a feast for some important family milestone. A Danish soccer player who's a bit hungover from drinking in pubs in another northern European country last night. A Peruvian tour guide who lost a brother a few years ago. 

Four women born on the same day, three who may not exist BUT very well may. Because if I've learned anything by Paying Attention to what my Higher Self has taught me, it's this:

Learn to trust the language of Spirit. By listening closely and often, you will learn an entirely new language that is interpreted differently but consistently by everyone. 

What I mean is this- Spirit will communicate differently to you than It does to others. Messages may come through feelings, words, "knowings." You may experience symbols through sight, smell, taste. You may hear voices. You may sense the presence of angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals or loved ones who have passed. You may experience none or all of these things. They are just examples. 

It's up to you to get more comfortable receiving these messages, trusting them and communicating back. 

So those imaginary women who share my birthday? I believe that at least two of them are very likely real, though perhaps I am off on some specific details. Why would I consider this to be true? Why would I think that I could possibly know about the existence of people in another country who I have never met? 

Because I've learned to trust the messages I receive from Spirit. I've learned to tell the difference between daydreams and Information- though often my daydreams are exactly where Information comes from. I exercise my Spirit Receptor muscles often, most frequently when providing Reiki healing to someone. So I've come to learn my specific interpretation of the language of Spirit- how I best receive messages and also how I best communicate back. And you can too. 

For example, as I allowed myself to "daydream" about possible examples of women who may have been born the same day as me in other places of the world, I started to feel a tugging of sorts. My attention was directed slightly Southeast and I felt a ray of curved energy arching across the sky from my body towards another. I know through experience that these cords of energy are very real and exist between all of us to some degree but mainly to our loved ones and ones we interact with often. This was the first sign that I was not simply "going through the motions" of a normal thought exercise. 

Second, Uganda was the first country name that came to mind. I have learned to trust thoughts that come up first. Funnily, I learned that when taking standardized tests as a kid. After many tormented circle-erase-circle-erase's, I finally learned that first answer was (almost) always right. 

Things don't come up our of Nowhere. They come up out of Somewhere. Start believing in the Somewhere. 

Most of the other information was visual, though the taste of cooked meat made in there as well. I doubt the Danish soccer player is real, because I was just trying to include a well rounded range of countries and ethnicities- there's the Lower Self stepping in. The Peruvian girl may have lost a sister, not a brother, and most likely a twin. 

Anyway, I guess the central theme of this blog post is this-- 

Trust the non-Sensical. Honor more abstractedly tangible things like Sunshine and Breath and gut feelings; honor them highly. Know that you are an Energy Body just as much (or more) as a Physical Body. Know that in You is the capacity to communicate with Spirit and your Higher Self.

Trust the magic. Embrace the weird. I believe in you and love you,




Why I Won't Quit Practicing Yoga Even at 40 Weeks Pregnant

When I first started telling my students I was pregnant, I got one question over and over again.

"Will you teach all the way until the baby is here?"

Unless I experienced some kind of medical reason that would prevent me from teaching, I saw no reason why I wouldn't carry on. First of all- it's my job! I teach yoga for a living. Second- After teaching regular classes for over five years, I can teach a class without actually DOING the class. I firmly believe that good teachers in all disciplines can tell, as well as show. 

(Nothing drives me crazier than a teacher who takes their own class, without ever getting off the mat and observing his or her students practice, making adjustments where necessary. If your students could get the same practice by watching a yoga DVD, you need to seriously reevaluate your reasons for teaching yoga-- or get better training. End Rant.)

But beyond teaching yoga, I always planned on continuing my own practice as well. 

I have to. Because I came to yoga not for the physical benefits, but for the mental ones. Eventually, the practice became emotional and even spiritual. Without a regular practice, I slip into old thought patterns and behaviors. 

I was a stressed out college student and couldn't quiet my monkey mind, as the Buddhists call it. I was plagued by judgmental thoughts of myself and others. I was chronically sick. I looked happy on the outside but wasn't on the inside. I always felt awkward and I didn't really like myself. College gave me the opportunity to apply my huge amounts of mental energy towards challenging classes but it also provided my drugs of choice-- food, marijuana, and sex-- in abundance, allowing my to drown out the constant tirade of thoughts even just for a little while. 

I approached yoga as I did the rest of my addictions. When I found Hot Yoga USA in Washington DC, I practiced almost every day- at least 5 days a week. Despite being athletic and a dancer, I wasn't a great yogi (this was before I understood there's no such thing). I couldn't do side plank without pain. I deemed crow impossible- even though I saw plenty of 40-something soccer moms nailing it. Plough pose made me feel fat. This was a lot harder than the 30 minute power yoga DVDs I followed in high school. 

And I sweat so much that I was a danger not only to myself but those around me. I brought a beach towel to every class to mop up the PUDDLES of sweat my body produced. I arrived at least 10 minutes early (not my style, even to this day) just to acclimate to the 94-degree temperature. 

My teachers were amazing. Thus, they made yoga not just a physical practice but one that provided mental, emotional and Spiritual benefits as well. 

This is not to say that I LIKED my teachers. Being a good teacher does not mean being well liked. It means allowing for the total transformation of your students. To give you an idea, my mental process during those early classes went something like this:

"God dammit another Vinyasa. Why are we doing Warrior 2 AGAIN. If I have to do another extended side angle I am going to kick someone in the face. OK this one kind of feels good. Ok, back to Reverse Warrior... HOLY FUCK I ALMOST SLIPPED IN MY SWEAT PUDDLE AGAIN... God I need to take Childs Pose but we're moving so fast... GOD DAMMIT I HATE CHAIR POSE I HATE IT SO MUCH... OK breathe, bitch, breathe.... I wish I could hold Downward Dog without sliding all over my mat... I wish I was a man so I could take my shirt off during class... God that guy is so hairy... HOW THE FUCK DOES SHE EXPECT ME TO HOLD PIGEON THIS LONG I HATE THIS I HATE THIS I HATE THIS"


But then something amazing would happen. After Savasana (final resting pose), on my walk back to my apartment, sweaty as balls... I would feel awesome. But more importantly, my mind would be relatively still. I would notice the details of the houses I passed. I would feel gratitude for nature and the seasons. And most tellingly, I would go home, take a shower, and sit. And do my homework, reading, writing. And be FOCUSED.

This is why I kept going to yoga. For the bliss, for the focus, for the stillness. 

And this is why I can't stop practicing now, even though I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I can't ever stop. Some days I do 5 minutes. Some days I just practice yoga breathing while walking the dogs. When I'm lucky I pop in a class. But no matter what...

I practice. Yoga is more than a 75 minute class in a studio. Yoga is a way of life, a way of being. 

I can't recommend it enough. 

So will I be teaching until baby boy is here sometime around February 6th? Not exactly. I plan on phasing out my group classes gradually and finally switching to private and online instruction only in January. I want the time to be quiet, meditate and visualize a positive natural birth experience. 

But you can bet I'll be practicing. And one thing I won't forget in my bag of things to bring to the birth center?

My yoga mat. 




You are The Boss of Your Life

I've always wanted to be a mama. 

It's not something I really talked about much. When you ask little kids what they want to be when they grow up, most will say astronaut, firefighter, doctor, etc. 

My answer? Even at five years old I would say, "The Boss." 

I didn't care what field. I just knew I wanted to be The Boss. 

Eventually, around age 10 or 11 I knew that I wanted a career in business, probably marketing or advertising. I knew that I would graduate from St. Petersburg High School's International Baccalaureate program, attend college in the Northeast United States, and graduate with a Bachelors in Business Administration.

I also knew that I would someday be a mama. 

Can you picture the women of the 80's and early 90's, wearing power suits and dropping their kids off at school? Those were my role models as a kid (although even back then I knew they were wearing WAY too much blush). Those women made it possible for me to visualize myself making breakfast for my babies before spending the day in the boardroom. My evenings would be full with helping the kids with homework, making dinner for my family and ironing my button-ups for the following workday.

Could women have it all? A thriving career AND a happy family life? No question- I knew the answer was yes.

So I went to college. I got my marketing degree, and my yoga teaching certification. By age 21 I was managing yoga studios and teaching VIPs in Washington DC and Los Angeles. By 23 I was leading marketing teams for Whole Foods Market, in charge of store signage, community partnerships, healthy eating education, social media and more. 

But by 25 I decided I had had enough of the corporate world and decided to try out entrepreneurship back home in St Petersburg Florida. Instead of commuting for hours and suffering through endless meetings and performance reviews, I spend my days leading my doTERRA team and teaching others about wellness through the technologies of yoga, Reiki and essential oils. 

And by 26, my fiancé and I decided to have a baby. By the grace of God, we got pregnant on the first try.

Am I living my childhood dream? Am I both a mama, and The Boss? 

Even though I am out of corporate America, I believe I am. But my definition of "The Boss" has changed. 

I am The Boss because I live my life on my terms. Even though I was technically The Boss at my last company, I didn't get to choose my salary, my schedule or even my Team Members. I also didn't get to choose whether my old job title would stick around (it didn't). 

I am The Boss because I make my own decisions. I decide how many yoga classes I teach and where I teach them. I decide how many hours per day I work on my doTERRA business. I decide where to work, which clients I accept, and what to wear every day. 

And when baby comes, I will decide EXACTLY how I want to balance my duties as a mother, wife and entrepreneur. That's freedom. That's being The Boss.

I'm telling my story because I believe it is possible for everyone to achieve your Dream. Actually, I believe it's vital that we all do. 

We are all here for a purpose. Maybe yours is running a big corporation! It wasn't mine, even though I would have been damn good at it. So I changed course, and figured out another way to be The Boss and a mama, too. 

What was your childhood dream? What is your dream, now? How, EXACTLY, would you prefer to spend your time if money was no object? It helps to write it down, and to share it with others. 

I dare you to comment below.




Smoothies, a Love Story

I started getting into green smoothies in college.

Typically, I stuck with a very simple recipe: a mix of frozen and fresh banana, baby spinach, nut or soy milk, and ground flaxseed all blended up in a cheap blender. I never really went "off script" because these ingredients were all cheap, the smoothie tasted good, and most importantly- I felt AMAZING. Why change the formula?

Over time I became more adventurous. I took it into overdrive, adding superfood powders, different combinations of fruits, and greens like kale and dandelion greens (I don't recommend the dandelion greens). I bought a Vitamix, considered the "king of blenders."

Now that I'm pregnant, I use smoothies mainly as a way to fit as many fruits and vegetables in my diet as possible. Babies actually develop food preferences during the third trimester, so it's my hope that baby Austin learns to love greens and other alkaline foods while still in utero.

I'm not doing as many superfoods and exotic blends like I was while living in Los Angeles and working for Whole Foods. But I'm definitely enjoying more varied recipes than my college days.

My advice? As long as you include some fruit, greens, liquid and ice-- you really can't go wrong. You don't need a fancy blender, and you certainly don't need bee pollen, spirulina, blue-green algae or expensive nut butters. Just try to go organic and local when possible, and play around until you find a few recipes you like.

Here's what I've been drinking the last couple weeks:

As you can see, I often turn to smoothies for on-the-go meals. This particular concoction contained a frozen banana, handful of frozen blueberries, and a couple handfuls of a salad greens mix containing cabbage, kale, and brussels sprouts. I added about a tablespoon of coconut oil, a big spoonful of almond butter, and blended it up with organic soy milk and ice cubes. 

Another on-the-go meal! This time I used frozen banana (I always start with a fresh or frozen banana), handful of organic frozen berry mix, and about half a head of romaine lettuce. I added about a half cup of plain organic grass fed yogurt from Trader Joe's for protein, local honey for some sweetness and immune-boosting properties, and blended it up with my normal organic soy milk and ice cubes. I was asked on Facebook why I chose romaine lettuce. The real answer is that it was the only green I had in the house, but did you know that romaine is actually incredibly good for you? It contains high levels of vitamins A, K and folate. 

Actually enjoying a smoothie at home, bedhead and all! This smoothie had lots of fruits and veg- banana, organic frozen berries, avocado, cantaloupe and cucumber. I had never put cucumber in a smoothie before, but with only a quarter of a cucumber the taste was fresh and not overwhelming. I also added doTERRA's TerraGreen powder for even more fruit and veggie power, and blended it up with ice and organic soy milk. 

Finally, here's what I'm enjoying right now. "Slowly managing" might be a better term though as I put WAY too much avocado in here. BUT, I wanted to use up the last half of a huge local Florida avocado I had in the fridge, so I blended it up with frozen banana, chocolate protein powder, doTERRA TerraGreen powder, local honey, and ice and organic soy milk. I knew it wouldn't be my favorite (I'm out of frozen berries!) so I added some pink Himalayan salt and vanilla extract to mask the intense avocado-ness. 

You might have noticed a few things all of the above smoothies have in common. One- I use a good mix of fruit and veggies. If you're only doing fruit, you're making dessert. Two- I always include some healthy fats, hence the avocado, coconut oil, and whole milk yogurt. Protein is also important, which you get not only in many of the fruits and veggies but nut butters, protein powder (choose a good one, quality varies) and yogurt. I'm trying to make a MEAL, not just a snack, and prevent sugar spikes. 

I should add, the reason I return to smoothies again and again is because of how they make me FEEL. I know they are good for me physically, but what I really notice are the EMOTIONAL benefits. If I'm feeling sad, I know that getting some fresh foods -especially greens- in me will make me feel loads better. I feel like this is especially useful for empaths and people in the healing professions- doctors, nurses, yoga teachers, therapists, etc. 

What's your favorite go-to smoothie recipe? Do you "smoothie" often? Share in the comments, I'd love to hear!




Summer Lovin, Part 1

I can honestly say that this summer has been filled with some of the most transformative moments of my life. 

I have so much to write about, from Alaska adventures to our engagement, to things I want to share about my yoga practice and classes, to personal and business-related growth, to updates on my going-wonderfully-so-far pregnancy.

To get started, though, here are a few of my favorite moments from Summer 2015. 


I am blessed to live less than 20 minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This year I've enjoyed many Saturdays, early in the morning, with friends and family practicing yoga by the sea. Love that picture of my dad drinking coffee in Upavistha Konasana, or Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend.

Jim taught a series of self defense classes at Wild Lotus Yoga Studio, and I had a blast getting to assist him. I'm definitely a beginner in this world, so it was great to have his mom Lil on hand to help.

Summer also featured fun times at Picnic Island Park in Tampa. Anik Clemens, Cory Rider, Yen Loyala and I led a great group on our retreat in May, and we had a blast paddling through mangrove tunnels and experiencing nature coupled with the beautiful practices of yoga, meditation and group work. Love these photos on the water taken by one of our retreat participants. 

Jim and I can't go long without disappearing to a river or springs somewhere. I took only a few shots on our way to Ocala National Forest and then put my phone away for a couple days. Paradise. Here we are on the road, sun disappearing fast and still having no idea where we'll camp for the night. Luckily he nixed my idea of camping in the middle of the woods (with, uh, no stove or lantern or knife suited for the wilderness) and we found a very lovely KOA just in time.  

June featured the opening of Inner State Yoga, a new studio in downtown St Pete opened by my good friends Jonathan Creamer and Mike Fecht from Yoga for Men. I'm so excited to be teaching and practicing in this beautiful space with such a great community having formed already in 3 short months. Love this shot from our first class in the space. 

Solo adventures through antique stores. I'll always have a soft spot for old, unwanted, unusual things. There is something so beautiful about a junk yard full of very large plaster animals and wrought iron outdoor dining sets. 

Finally, the meaning of life. That's pretty much it up there. Live fully, experience beauty, take communion in nature, love others, and repeat. 

And don't forget to look up every once and a while. 

Part 2 of Summer 2015 coming soon. Until then...


In gratitude, 



lately, loving: women's circles

Every new Moon, my friend Katherine and I co-moderate a monthly women's circle in St Pete FL.

Lately we've had a few curious men ask us what we do in these circles. 

"Do you hold hands and take turns sharing and cry?"

To which I answer..


And chuckle to myself. 

Well, that's not totally true. While at some point in every circle there is sharing and hand-holding and, yes, even crying, it's rare that all of those things are happening at once. 

But the fact is, I can't tell you what goes on at our women's circles, dude.

That's the point. Sorry :)

I can tell you the basics- we meet, we introduce ourselves, we meditate, we practice yoga, we write, we talk, we journey, we chant, we drum, we do all kinds of things. Every month is a different theme and a chance to catch up, support each other, and explore new parts of ourselves. 

But the best part is the stuff I can't tell you. Because at every circle, we create sacred space. We hold space for each other to release what we need to release, to talk about what we need to talk about and can't talk about anywhere else, to admit to ourselves what is true, to truly listen to each other, to be present in exactly that moment. And all of that, is kept in that moment and that space. We are able to do what we do, because we know that everything stays "in the circle." 

And that's why we circle. 

To have an opportunity to just be there for ourselves and each other in a nonjudgmental space. A space that gives us an opportunity to, as my friend Joran says, "share what's in your heart rather than in your mind."

I can go on and on about my love for women's circles, and our specific circle here in St Pete that has been so lovingly co-created and co-kept. 

But for now, I'll just say... that it took me a long time to recognize the importance of gathering. Especially as a natural introvert, coming together with others (especially other women) was usually a cause of stress, not replenishment. 

But something magical happens when you find "your people." Actually, a lot of magical things happen. It's going to take a commitment though. You have to be ready for your life to change. But if you're ready to find your clan...

Ask the Universe/God/angels/Spirit/etc ...

"Please help me find my tribe. Please help me find the people who will help me evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Please guide me through space and time towards encounters with others filled with serendipity and joy. Please help me generate an attitude of gratitude that will lift me up and lead me to my destiny." 





If you or a loved one would like to join us, check out the information on our meetup page. Do you identify as a man and wish to be part of a circle? We can put you in touch with some friends! Email me :)