dōTERRA Essential Oils and Yoga- the perfect pairing

I heard about dōTERRA oils from Cassandra, a friend and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate who attended one of my St. Petersburg Florida yoga classes. I had been providing various oils from my health food store for my students, and she suggested I try dōTERRA. Soon, I was hooked and enrolled as a Wellness Advocate myself, sharing the oils through my website

I purchased The Essential Yoga Program shortly after receiving my first kit in the mail, and was amazed at the different ways I could start sharing the oils with my students. I was so excited to start incorporating the oils in my yoga classes, so was thrilled when my local group of dōTERRA enthusiasts agreed to join me for a practice class. A couple days before the month began, August’s “Balance” workshop was a natural fit.

I chose this class primarily because the slower-paced Vinyasa flow was a great choice for beginner students, but we were also intrigued by the fact that all of the oils come from dōTERRA’s AromaTouch Technique. To make the class even more appropriate for beginners, I decided to modify Reversed Triangle to Triangle Pose, Hand to Big Toe to Tree Pose, and replaced Shoulder Stand to Plow to Fish with Legs up the Wall Pose.

a selection of some of the oils I used in class

With On Guard in the diffuser and Wild Orange and Peppermint in our water bottles, we started the class by applying Balance to our feet- a great way to ground before beginning our flow. I was surprised to see Melaluca (tea tree) used for the main body of the class, but as the "Oil of Energetic Boundaries", it was the perfect choice for a Vinyasa flow designed to do just that- clear us of emotional baggage!

I had my students apply the Deep Blue and AromaTouch Blends to their necks and low backs before settling into the class’s seated postures, finishing in Legs up the Wall pose. It turns out that this modification paired nicely with the oils; one of my students commented that the gentle pressure on the low back in Legs up the Wall intensified the two oil blends they had just applied there—in a good way!

My favorite part of the class was definitely applying Lavender to each student’s 3rd eye, brow and back of neck in Savasana, final relaxation pose. I often do this in my regular classes and students always comment on how lovely this experience is. Lavender encourages calming and self-care, which is what a regular yoga practice is all about. I am definitely grateful for the Essential Yoga Program and its authors, and will be using this book again and again to teach regular Essential Oil Yoga classes in the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay area!



for more information on the oils and oil blends used in class, please visit my website at www.mydoterra.com/newworldoils and search for the following products:

On Guard® Protective Blend
Peppermint Essential Oil
Wild Orange Essential Oil
Balance Grounding Blend 
Melaleuca Essential Oil
Deep Blue® Soothing Blend 
AromaTouch® Massage Blend 
Lavender Essential Oil

Interested in learning how you can receive 25% off (or even FREE!) dōTERRA oils and start using these amazing natural remedies? Or maybe even make some money sharing oils with your friends and family? Email me at alinahallyoga@gmail.com! 


little moments

 This morning, I woke up with my legs swung over the arm of the couch, head on my love's lap, as he dozed nestled into the cushions.

7am. Early for a Sunday. Normally, I would let the dogs out for a quick pee, wake my love, and move us over to the bedroom for a few more hours of sleep.

But he seemed content to stretch out on the couch, and while I wasn't wide awake, I was alert and the morning looked too beautiful to miss.

So I poked around the house, and ended up, eventually, in my meditation room. At first, all I could see was my to-do list. Laundry. Dishes. Follow up emails. Editing. Etc.

No, thank you, not right now. I wanted peace and being, not doing. And I realized that my list could wait. 

I could allow myself a morning. Of meditation, and yoga, and time in nature. Of not rushing. Of little moments. 

So I allowed myself to mosey outside, to walk around the garden. I admired our huge oak tree, covered with birds and bugs and lizards and life. I sat under the plumeria and made friends with a brown toad with gold eyes. I watched ant superhighways, dragonflies, blue jays. 

I took a sun salutation, facing the East. Made my way back inside, made a cup of strong black English tea. 

Back in my Reiki room, I allowed myself to have a slow gentle yoga practice, applying my favorite essential oils beforehand. Stretched my hands overhead and held them there for a couple minutes, smiling with my whole body. Shook and danced and wiggled ... Abruptly stopped and stood like a statue, feeling energy buzzing in my hands and fingertips, rooting down through my feet to the earth and back again.

Sat and practiced happiness meditation, which incorporates mudra (hand yoga), sound healing, energy work and intention setting. Bath sounded good. Made some dōTERRA bath salts. Lit candles, played mantra, blissed out. 

And so it went. Made some other great self care decisions and enjoyed my morning of little moments. Now I'm about to get breakfast with my love. I'll get to that to-do list later. 

Happy Sunday, y'all. X's and O's,




Awesome Smoothie Attack

I wasn't super hungry for lunch after having Bulletproof coffee for breakfast (I also had half an organic chai kombucha). It's hot, and getting my organic fruits and veggies (and super rad calories and nutrients) through cooked food or even a big salad didn't really sound super duper appealing. Enter... smoothie! 

Here's what I made for lunch.

Triple Green Smoothie

baby spinach- 2 or 3 big handfuls
1 frozen banana
1 regular banana
frozen berries
frozen green grapes
small handful frozen chopped dino kale
drizzle MCT oil (optional, can swap coconut oil or avocado or a little nut/seed butter. basically, eat your fat!)
organic apple juice to blend (could also use water or soy/coconut/almond/rice milk)



Join me for #journaljune !


I'll be journaling every day in June and using #journaljune to document and share the process. Join me! There are no rules, just try your best to journal every day for a month knowing that people all over the world are doing the same. Join us on Facebook (and invite your friends!) 


Last month, I committed to meditating every day in May. I posted my commitment on Instagram and Facebook, and though I didn't publicly share my journey, being public with that commitment helped me (for the most part) meditate in some form or another every day.

Some days I sat in traditional seated meditation, but more often that not meditation took the form of being mindful in a variety of settings, whether that was chanting along with mantra on my way to work, watching a number of gorgeous sunsets, or taking care to be as present as possible during conversations with others.

This month, I'm returning to a practice that always, without fail, helps me get through life more gracefully: journaling. I have journalled since I could write, and typically go a few months on, a few months off. I have tried morning pages, gratitude lists, food journals, bullet-point lists, etc etc etc. 

It doesn't matter the method you use. It just matters that you do it.

So throughout the month I will be journaling every day and invite you to join me. I will share helpful information and ideas on Facebook and Instagram. THERE ARE NO RULES. Just journal every day in any way you want, for as long as you want, in whatever medium you want. If you miss a day, you don't lose any points. There are no points!!!

SO!!! :) Let's document it and share with each other! I'll be taking pictures throughout the process and posting our Facebook event page with the hashtag #journaljune. I'll be doing the same on Instagram, so if you are an Instagram lover like me, follow me (@alinahall) and post your own #journaljune pics and insights!

And throughout the month, I'll be sharing some of my favorite journaling techniques and insights from the month on this blog

Here's to growth! Here's to play! Here's to happiness!


Have fun,


Questions? Breakthroughs? Wanna chat? Email me at newworldmartialartsandyoga@gmail.com


coconut, i love you

As I type this I am swish, swish, swishing away. I haven't been oil pulling as consistently lately, so after my shower I grabbed my jar of coconut oil from the bathroom counter and took a big gulp.

And began swishing.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use silky, magical, nutritious coconut oil, including this strange swishing process (pulling)... 

1. moisturizer

I love lotions... truly all natural lotions derived from pure ingredients with yummy essential oils are my addiction. But lately I have replaced virtually all my moisturizers, including facial moisturizer, with coconut oil. Apply it right out of the shower after barely drying off and let it soak in before getting dressed. Best part? Coconut oil has a natural SPF (of about 20, supposedly) which is perfect for this Florida girl 

2. cooking

newsflash- most plant oils (including peanut, canola, sunflower, cotton, safflower, and even olive when heated) are worse for you than butter. I'm serious. butter from grass-fed cows is actually really good for you and an important source of fat-soluble vitamins. 

but these plant oils, when heated, are actually really harmful for your cells as free radicals from these oils essentially bounce all over your body causing a bunch of havoc.

Enter coconut oil! This oil, originally thought to be harmful because it is high in saturated fat, is actually showing to be healthy partly because of its cellular stability (saturated = no free radicals available to jump off and go crazy)

I use it to cook eggs and roast veggies. Many people are turned off by coconut oil's "coconutty" taste, but you get used it, and actually can start to crave it, after using it only a few times 

3. and, of course, oil pulling

This one took a while for me to try. Basically, in this practice founded in India, you put about a tablespoon of oil (other oils like sesame are also used) in your mouth and swish for 20 minutes, ideally first thing in the morning. The oil "pulls" all of the gunk and bacteria out from between your teeth. After you are done, you spit it out in the trash (not your sink, as you don't want the oil clogging your pipes). do NOT swallow it

I gotta say, I'm done swishing by now and my teeth feel cleaner than they have in days.

Be warned- the first maybe 10 times I did this I felt the worst gag reflex and actually did spit it everywhere a couple times. yikes

I found that refined coconut oil is much more tolerable than unrefined as far as the gagging thing goes. And now it doesn't happen at all, the the awesome cleaner and whiter teeth make it totally worth it

It's working for me too- my gum health had improved, and I had less plaque, at my last dentist visit even though I hadn't flossed as often 

So, go get some (organic, virgin) coconut oil to simplify your routine and your life and save money not buying expensive moisturizers or sunscreen or a ton of fancy olive oil you're ruining by heating too high (save it for salads)!




Why I am glad my purse was stolen tonight

Tonight someone stole my purse, and some of my boyfriend's items, as we were enjoying the sunset on Madeira Beach steps away from our blanket and the things that were stolen. I wrote the following post immediately after getting home and changing my passwords that might have been compromised. Besides inspiring me to write after months of not writing, this incident has helped me to practice accepting whatever happens with grace. I have the following to say...

To the thieves who stole my purse tonight, my brown leather Coach purse that was my mom's in the 80's, my only purse, the purse that I take everywhere--

Enjoy the Ray Bans. They are brand new and awesome and stylish as hell. I hope that someday you have a job like me that allows you to purchase expensive things, just because, every now and then. I'm sorry that you were raised in circumstances that didn't teach you the values of honesty, hard work, and respect.

Enjoy the DoTerra peppermint oil. It'll help you clear your sinuses and give you energy. My new friend sells them and gifted this particular oil to me. I am lucky to know people who support and heal their families with awesome businesses and share their gifts with others. I hope that someday you realize that good things will naturally flow your way, if you let them.

Enjoy my busted old phone that I use as an Ipod. It's got some really awesome music, including mantras that have radically changed my life. Pick one and chant along as often as you can. It will help you.

Enjoy the smoky quartz. You may notice that having crystals around can help you in mysterious ways. I suggest that you pray and cleanse the crystal in the full moon in the next few days, though- crystals are sacred and sensitive to the way they are passed on to new owners, and you did not obtain it honestly. My love bought me this particular crystal a few weeks ago at the farmers market and while I treasured this gift, I know that for some reason I am not meant to carry its energy around with me any longer.

Enjoy the pair of underwear I had in there. They are really cute, sweatshop-free organic fair trade cotton made in the USA.

Enjoy's Jim's flip flops, they were his favorite pair and got a ton of compliments.

Enjoy the cash. I can get more no problem.

Enjoy the headphones and phone chargers. I'll pick up some new ones tomorrow.

Enjoy my work notebook. Inside you will find the to-do lists of a respected marketing professional who is about to throw a fabulous event next Friday. And because my angels always have my back,  I've already communicated via email everything in there that mattered. There's a bunch of empty pages left, so consider starting a journaling practice- mine has helped me tremendously.

Enjoy the makeup. Enjoy going through the business cards and receipts, imagining the life of the person whose life you think got ruffled today. Enjoy any jewelry I might have had in there. Enjoy the bits and bobs and pennies and dimes.

Enjoy these things. I'm enjoying the fact that the truly important personal items were not in there. There was no wallet or phone in my bag. Why? Because minutes before I was compelled to leave my wallet in my car. To take out my phone and tuck it in the beach blanket, steps away from where I was standing when you took my purse as Jim and I were enjoying the most gorgeous sunset.

I know that it wasn't luck that protected these most important items. It was the presence and guidance of angels, the same angels I pray to to deliver me safely to my destination whenever I get in the car, the same angels who for some reason had Jim bring along my other set of keys and store them in my center console, allowing us to drive home once triple A arrived.

Welcome to my world. Welcome to a world where divine interference is not only real but present at every moment as long as you ask for it. Where beings from the other realms regularly communicate with you, especially when they know you are listening. Angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, loved ones who have passed, spirit animals, gods and goddesses. God.

I release all the old energies surrounding work, my health, my finances, my relationships and other areas of my life that no longer serve me, that were tied to or symbolized by the items that were stolen. I am open to all of the new gifts and experiences that I know are already beginning to flood in. I am grateful for the protective energies that surround me. I am grateful to the guiding creative force of the Universe that for some reason also thought it would be fun to make me do a spontaneous handstand yesterday and crack my phone screen in the process.

I am honored... to live a life where calm, peace and the Divine pervades my being, rather than the energies of anger or fear or panic or loss.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Sat Nam.




Smoothie Magic: Mango Hemp Creamsicle Smoothie

A couple hours after my morning coffee - I drink Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast almost every morning-- I was craving a lighter breakfast rather than the beautiful but heavier frittata I made last night.

I remembered I had some Vanilla Vega in my cupboard... but I wanted something different than the normal banana-blueberries-Vega-Green Vibrance combo I usually do.

Here's what I came up with. Feel free to substitute anything for anything, haha. I focused on getting plenty of healthy fats in this recipe to keep me full. Good fat is good. Sugar is bad. Drink up!

(measurements are extremely approximate):
The brands are listed in case you are curious. Use what you have available, organic if possible.

Organic 365 Everyday Value* Frozen Mango Chunks, half cup
1 clementine, peeled (this is the secret ingredient- YUM!!)
1 tbs hemp seeds, bulk from Whole Foods
1 tsp Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil
1 not-quite-full scoop Vega Vanilla
drizzle local honey
enough 365 Everyday Value* Organic Soymilk, about a cup
handful ice

Blend. Enjoy! 

*365 Everyday Value® products can be found at all Whole Foods Markets