Why I am glad my purse was stolen tonight

Tonight someone stole my purse, and some of my boyfriend's items, as we were enjoying the sunset on Madeira Beach steps away from our blanket and the things that were stolen. I wrote the following post immediately after getting home and changing my passwords that might have been compromised. Besides inspiring me to write after months of not writing, this incident has helped me to practice accepting whatever happens with grace. I have the following to say...

To the thieves who stole my purse tonight, my brown leather Coach purse that was my mom's in the 80's, my only purse, the purse that I take everywhere--

Enjoy the Ray Bans. They are brand new and awesome and stylish as hell. I hope that someday you have a job like me that allows you to purchase expensive things, just because, every now and then. I'm sorry that you were raised in circumstances that didn't teach you the values of honesty, hard work, and respect.

Enjoy the DoTerra peppermint oil. It'll help you clear your sinuses and give you energy. My new friend sells them and gifted this particular oil to me. I am lucky to know people who support and heal their families with awesome businesses and share their gifts with others. I hope that someday you realize that good things will naturally flow your way, if you let them.

Enjoy my busted old phone that I use as an Ipod. It's got some really awesome music, including mantras that have radically changed my life. Pick one and chant along as often as you can. It will help you.

Enjoy the smoky quartz. You may notice that having crystals around can help you in mysterious ways. I suggest that you pray and cleanse the crystal in the full moon in the next few days, though- crystals are sacred and sensitive to the way they are passed on to new owners, and you did not obtain it honestly. My love bought me this particular crystal a few weeks ago at the farmers market and while I treasured this gift, I know that for some reason I am not meant to carry its energy around with me any longer.

Enjoy the pair of underwear I had in there. They are really cute, sweatshop-free organic fair trade cotton made in the USA.

Enjoy's Jim's flip flops, they were his favorite pair and got a ton of compliments.

Enjoy the cash. I can get more no problem.

Enjoy the headphones and phone chargers. I'll pick up some new ones tomorrow.

Enjoy my work notebook. Inside you will find the to-do lists of a respected marketing professional who is about to throw a fabulous event next Friday. And because my angels always have my back,  I've already communicated via email everything in there that mattered. There's a bunch of empty pages left, so consider starting a journaling practice- mine has helped me tremendously.

Enjoy the makeup. Enjoy going through the business cards and receipts, imagining the life of the person whose life you think got ruffled today. Enjoy any jewelry I might have had in there. Enjoy the bits and bobs and pennies and dimes.

Enjoy these things. I'm enjoying the fact that the truly important personal items were not in there. There was no wallet or phone in my bag. Why? Because minutes before I was compelled to leave my wallet in my car. To take out my phone and tuck it in the beach blanket, steps away from where I was standing when you took my purse as Jim and I were enjoying the most gorgeous sunset.

I know that it wasn't luck that protected these most important items. It was the presence and guidance of angels, the same angels I pray to to deliver me safely to my destination whenever I get in the car, the same angels who for some reason had Jim bring along my other set of keys and store them in my center console, allowing us to drive home once triple A arrived.

Welcome to my world. Welcome to a world where divine interference is not only real but present at every moment as long as you ask for it. Where beings from the other realms regularly communicate with you, especially when they know you are listening. Angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, loved ones who have passed, spirit animals, gods and goddesses. God.

I release all the old energies surrounding work, my health, my finances, my relationships and other areas of my life that no longer serve me, that were tied to or symbolized by the items that were stolen. I am open to all of the new gifts and experiences that I know are already beginning to flood in. I am grateful for the protective energies that surround me. I am grateful to the guiding creative force of the Universe that for some reason also thought it would be fun to make me do a spontaneous handstand yesterday and crack my phone screen in the process.

I am honored... to live a life where calm, peace and the Divine pervades my being, rather than the energies of anger or fear or panic or loss.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Sat Nam.




Smoothie Magic: Mango Hemp Creamsicle Smoothie

A couple hours after my morning coffee - I drink Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast almost every morning-- I was craving a lighter breakfast rather than the beautiful but heavier frittata I made last night.

I remembered I had some Vanilla Vega in my cupboard... but I wanted something different than the normal banana-blueberries-Vega-Green Vibrance combo I usually do.

Here's what I came up with. Feel free to substitute anything for anything, haha. I focused on getting plenty of healthy fats in this recipe to keep me full. Good fat is good. Sugar is bad. Drink up!

(measurements are extremely approximate):
The brands are listed in case you are curious. Use what you have available, organic if possible.

Organic 365 Everyday Value* Frozen Mango Chunks, half cup
1 clementine, peeled (this is the secret ingredient- YUM!!)
1 tbs hemp seeds, bulk from Whole Foods
1 tsp Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil
1 not-quite-full scoop Vega Vanilla
drizzle local honey
enough 365 Everyday Value* Organic Soymilk, about a cup
handful ice

Blend. Enjoy! 

*365 Everyday Value® products can be found at all Whole Foods Markets


20 things abt me

1. I am 24 years old 2. I am a Pisces sun and moon and a Leo rising 3. I was born and raised on the gulf coast of FL, and have also lived in North Carolina, Washington DC and Los Angeles/Long Beach 4. I recently moved back to my home state and work in Marketing for a well known organic grocery store 5. I am a trained yoga teacher and 6. Certified reiki practitioner (level 1) 7. I fall in love easily and deeply 8. I am currently single and plan to stay that way for a while 9. I danced professionally in and after college, and my favorite dance styles are hip hop, African, street jazz and modern/contemporary 10. i am passionate about nourishing my body, mind and soul with healthy, mindfully prepared meals 11. I am attracted to people regardless of gender or race 12. I travelled extensively as a child and teenager and have been to 6 continents 13. I have very strong faith though I was not raised in any one religion. I practice my own special blend of Buddhism, shamanism, spiritualism, Christianity, paganism and incorporate other practices from various schools of yoga and meditation that are meaningful to me 14. I enjoy giving tarot card and pendulum readings to friends 15. I've always wanted to be a mom. Also a CEO 16. My favorite thing ever is swimming in the gulf... floating in the waves and then watching the sunset 17. I am an introvert- I will practically always choose decompressing & doing yoga alone in my apartment over going to a bar 18. But I am just as comfortable dancing on a platform/stage/table after a couple drinks (that Leo rising) 19. I am a big advocate of legalizing marijuana, and hemp for that matter 20. I know I am here for a reason and only ask that I receive guidance to be able share my gifts with the world in the most impactful way possible
taken August 2013 on Longboat Key's "Beer Can Island" during a glorious sunset practice


Sip in the air, tastes like cool water...


"Breathe" by Leo Babauta

If you feel overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions.
If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.
If you are moving too fast, breathe. It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more.
Breathe, and enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.

original words and archives of one of my favorite writers, here


internet love: on food, dance, manifesting, weddings, and reasons why this lifetime is the most awesome one yet

on food:

this recipe for vegan creamed kale is so amazing, I made it two nights in a row

a lot of people ask me questions about going vegetarian or vegan. leo's guide to going "plant-based" is one of the simplest and most informative i've seen.

on dance:

here's some easy breezy improv i recorded earlier this year in the californian afternoon sunshine

i'm auditioning for MARROW dance company this sunday. i'm secretly afraid the choreographer is a gemini. don't get me wrong, i've done tons of creative work with (mostly gay) male geminis and they're totally sexy and brilliant. in the neptunian hazy peaceful cloud faze that is my pisces brian, however,  active, whirling, vocal geminis (my opposite) mostly appear in my reality as being totally batshit crazy. [i love you guys]

on manifesting:

this is what's stopping you from manifesting anything you want in 2 days or less 

So if it's so easy to manifest something, why then do so many continually fail? I believe it's because we do not fully comprehend who we are. We have all seen statements like "We are magnificent beings of Light" and we love seeing them because they make us feel good, but do we fully believe it? I don't believe we do. And therein lay the problem of why you are having difficulty manifesting your desires. 
update on my most recent manifest list: fun dance classes and rollerblades have arrived, cut and color on its way

on weddings:

like every other 23 year old American woman who works in social media, i now have a (minimally to relatively active) pinterest account. there, you will find my (obligatory) wedding board    .

i love this idea for instagramming your wedding (no waiting to see pictures! brilliant!)

on seeing the world from a different lens, if you will:

this guy live-tweeted his acid trip

what is your instagram horoscope? (previous 2 links via galadarling)

UFOs are real

the little things that make me smile: organic pineapple-lime popsicles, seeing my friends at yoga, popcorn cooked in coconut oil and ghee, what it feels like to share great news, this article 



increased blog activity brought to you by Pluto direct (see 1, 2 and 3)

found on facebook


my favorite monday yoga class, new friends
ocean medicine
my plans for friday night
wet wednesdays
Wet Wednesdays is is an open level, feel good dance class for people of all ages, shapes and dance backgrounds. Class includes a yoga based warm up to heat the body from the inside out, a free- spirited across the floor, followed by a fun and inspiring dance combo. If moving your body brings you joy - this is the class for you.
hemp (seeds&protein)
vegan eats
my coworker who texts me tomorrow's planetary aspects
conversations with my chiropractor about how lady gaga is obviously the most proficient SYTYCD guest judge they've ever had
lazy tuesdays
groupon's very generous return policy
long talks with friends
a very pretty, sparkly blue sapphire 


caffeine (it's been real, black coffee. i'm sorry i let it last this long)
entire afternoons spent free falling into my iphone


massage table
yoga bolsters
a great massage (particularly some trigger point glute work... oh yea)
a prosperous Reiki and yoga practice
an insightful reading
non-nonstick pots&pans
cut & color
a costa rican vaca
more super fun dance classes
a totally happy&healthy glandular system

love to you,



thanks, Internet! mon sept 17 2012 edition

here are some things that have been rocking my interwebs lately

these towels are perfect for the beach

a great way to use leftover rice (i made a variation with pink rice, gluten free bread crumbs and no egg) 

so, what does om shanti mean anyway? 

the perfect hummus recipe

How to fill your client docket when you’re frankly, kinda …desperate.

this is how you manifest something

the benefits of juicing

People often report that when they change their diet to include plenty of live juices, their body undergoes a transformation similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. They start feeling better, lighter, and more energized as time goes on. Sleep improves. Energy kicks up a notch, and mood improves. The mind becomes more alert and creative, while disorganizing brain fog fades away because all the nutrients in fresh juice help the mind and body revive.

i love this iphone case 

and finally, one of my favorite SYTYCD dances from one of my favorite SYTYCD seasons

have an AWESOME week. love,